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As a Summoner much of your attribute will probably be Intelligence (INT) since this increases magical damage at Dofus Touch Kamas. You should be placing all your attribute points into this stat since the benefits of INT outweigh the defensive advantages of Vitality or perhaps the extra MP from Piety. Unfortunately SMN shares its attributes with Scholar therefore it is difficult to play both well.

With equipment and you could give attention to more stats than merely INT. Attack Magic Potency, Determination, Critical Hit Rate and Spell Speed are definitely the main stats to take into consideration in addition to simply boosting INT. With the exception of Determination, names of the attributes are self explanatory as to what they do. Determination will increase the amount of injury dealt by all attacks and the volume of HP recovered when healed. It is not yet known whether it is better than attack magic potency to increase your damage so for the moment it is best to invest in a mix.

The critical thing to note is always that I never spent time completing the principle story missions at 50. I love a range of FFXIV's qualities, from the social features to its compelling world. I have many days spent in its world, and the majority of my own time has been spent obtaining new gear, leveling jobs, adventuring, and spending time with friends. Unlike many players, I don't care much for the story, primarily due to how long-winded it can be.

This weekend I spent hours and hours trying to plow through the primary story missions. Truthfully, a lot of it's menial, sending via person to person while you're watching arduously slow cutscenes. A couple from the quests are enjoyable, plus some grant fantastic rewards including valuable materia. The quests which need completion of dungeons with 80/90 item level requirements are just about the most frustrating. I must have run The Stone Vigil (Hard) no less than 7 times to get my item level up to 80. Today I will ought to grind my high to item level 90 so that you can finish a final 2.55 objectives. I'm fortunate that I have a very DPS at 50, because I can't imagine tanking a few of this content on my own Paladin with my inadequate gear icarus gold.

Some on the skills and traits actually treat each other. Parry is a valuable part of damage mitigation with all the Dark Knight, unlocking the cabability to reduce an enemy's damage by 10% with Reprisal every half a minute, but Enhanced Dark Dance tosses evasion on Dark Dance when popped. As a result, the Dark Knight may evade an episode that could happen to be a parry, triggering Reprisal.

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