GRE Word List ( part 15 ) from AponPost's blog

1. Apocryphal কৃত্রিম, সন্দেহজনক = invented, mythical, untrue, dubious
2. Apogee চূঁড়া = apex, acme, zenith, pinnacle, summit, peak
3. Apostate স্বধর্মত্যাগী = one who abandons his religious and political beliefs, absconder, traitor, runaway, fugitive, renegade
4. Apothecary ঐষধ বিক্রেতা = druggist
5. Apoplexy সন্ন্যাস রোগ = stroke
6. Apothegm প্রবচন = aphorism, saying, Maxim, axiom
7. Appall আতংকিত করা= dismay, shock, horrify, disgust, upset, sicken, outrage, scandalize, distress
8. Apparition ভূত = phantom, ghost, specter, spirit
9. Appease শান্ত করা= pacify, soothe, mollify, conciliate, placate, calm down
10. Appellation পদবী, নাম = accolade, title, designation, label
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