TL;DR: As of Dec. 24, you can get the Prinker M Mobile Digital Temporary Tattoo Printer for $229 instead of $269 — that’s a savings of 14%.

The New Year is such a good time to work on all those goals and dreams you’ve been putting off. If you want to wait to get a tattoo until you know the perfect design for you, here’s your chance to take a tattoo for a test drive. Prinker M Mobile Digital Temporary Tattoo Printer can print personalized temporary tattoos right on your body, and it’s only $229 (reg. $269). 

Custom temporary tattoos whenever you want 

Want a tattoo but can’t settle on a design or place to put it? Why not try it out for a few days knowing you can wash it off with soap and water? Prinker M is an award-winning gadget that lets you design your own tattoos that you can print with 100% skin-safe cosmetic ink. This single-cartridge tattoo printer can produce composite black or color, and there’s no staining or irritation. 

The Prinker M is even small enough that you can keep it in your bag. Planning on going out on New Year’s Eve? Customize your look with a few tattoos that’ll wash off in the shower. You can choose from 12,000+ existing tattoo designs or draw your own and have it printed on your body within minutes. Just upload it to the iOS– and Android-compatible Prinker app and get some ink done. 

Take this palm-sized tattoo printer with you to parties or concerts and give out tattoos and make some new friends. Make sure you use the skin primer before applying the tattoo. Rolling a handheld printer on an arm is a lot less painful than an hour with a needle. If you run out of ink, you can always get more on the Prinker website. 

Anything can be a temporary tattoo 

Customize your look before a night out. Whether you’re using temporary tattoos as a first draft before the real thing or as a fun customizable accent, this tattoo printer makes it easy. For a limited time, get the Prinker M Digital Temporary Tattoo Printer on sale for $229 (reg. $269). 

Prices subject to change. 

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