TL;DR: As of Dec. 30, you can snag the Aduro U-Stream Junior Dual Ring Lights on sale for only $26.99 instead of $89 — that’s a 70% discount.

At work or in school, how you appear professional and eager to work is a little different from what you can do online. It may not matter that you’re wearing sweatpants just out of your webcam frame, but your lighting could change how people see you. If you want a little more control over your web conference or stream lighting, get the Aduro U-Stream dual Rings Lights for $26.99 (reg. $89). 

Better lighting for your next post or video call 

There’s not always natural light, but that shouldn’t stop you from appearing bright and attentive in video chats. The Aduro U-Stream puts two adjustable ring lights right next to a universal phone clip. Switch between warm, warm yellow, and warm white lighting and 10 different brightness levels controlled through the remote control. 

Get your light just right by adjusting the 24-inch flexible goosenecks for lighting and video angle. Don’t worry about your lighting going out partway into a TikTok video — the Aduro is USB-powered. Connect it to your laptop or a portable power station to make sure your lighting stays consistent. You could also just plug it into an AC adapter and use an outlet. 

Traveling for a conference? The goosenecks aren’t just for finding your most flattering angles. They also make it easier to pack your lighting setup. The metal construction also makes it sturdy enough to pack for long trips. You might only need the Aduro and a phone to get a portable, professional-looking streaming setup

Ring lights you can take anywhere

Look your best on your next selfie post or video chat. Take control of your stream lighting using this adjustable double-ring light and phone stand. For a limited time, you can get the Aduro U-Stream Junior Dual Ring Lights with Universal Clip on sale for $26.99 (reg. $89) at 70% off.

Prices subject to change. 


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