TL;DR: Through Jan. 9, you can get the Language Learner Lifetime Bundle, which includes uTalk Language Learning and StackSkills, for just $29 (reg. $1,819).

Just when you thought your brain couldn’t be any more amazing, experts found that it could hold 2.4 petabytes of memory or 2.5 million gigabytes of information. That’s more than the capacity of all the gadgets you’ve ever owned in your life combined. It only means that it’s entirely (and humanly) possible to learn new things, even if you think you’ve gone rusty.

If you’ve always wanted to pick up a new language or learn a new skill, the new year is high time to take the plunge. The Language Learner Lifetime Subscription Bundle packs subscriptions to two premiere e-learning platforms, and for a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $29 until January 9.

First up is uTalk, an app that promises to get you speaking like a local in no time. But instead of having you sit through boring online lectures, it teaches you real, practical vocabulary that’s usable in real life. You’ll be speaking keywords and phrases right away, and you even get to learn straight from native speakers to sharpen your pronunciation. All in all, it provides 180 hours of learning, but you always have the option to dip in and out of any topic. No pressure!

Now if you want to pick up practical, real-world skills, you’ll find the subscription to StackSkills handy. It offers over a thousand expert-led courses, all of which are designed to help you achieve your goal, whether it’s a promotion, a career change, or starting a side hustle to make some extra cash. It aims to equip you with today’s most in-demand skills, from growth hacking to blockchain to iOS development. Every time you finish a course, you’ll receive a certification, which you can then use to fortify your CV.

Make 2023 the year of learning. The Language Learner Lifetime Bundle normally costs $1819, but you can get it on sale for $29 until January 9 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Prices subject to change.


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