TL:DR: Get a Plus Plan Lifetime Subscription at the Mashable Shop for just $69.99 instead of $399 as of Jan. 1.

The new year is almost here. Whether your Resolution is to work on your stress, practice meditation, or just take care of your mental health, there may be a tool to help you. A new year is a time to start fresh, and’s Plus Plan may help you do that. This collection of meditations, sleep tools, and healthy living practices could help you make the new year a healthy year, and it’s on sale for 82% off. 

Set an intention for positive growth

Needing a new calendar may not suddenly make all your stressors go away, but you can make 2023 the year you cultivate positive coping methods and self-care strategies. Mindfulness has more than 2,000 practices that may have you manage your stress and stay centered. Try new meditations every day or see if you can fit a few new living practices into your schedule. You aren’t starting from scratch, but you can start fresh. 

Mindfulness meditation sessions are suitable for all experience levels. Get expert guidance from a meditation professional and start finding time to relax throughout the day. Even the Mayo Clinic recommends meditation as a form of stress relief, but that’s not all you can get from Mindfulness. Mental and physical health cross over in a lot of different places, but staying healthy and getting consistent sleep is especially important. If you struggle to sleep, try one of Mindfulness’s 100+ sleep tools. Drift off to the sound of rain, relaxing stories, thought exercises, and more. 

Start the new year fresh and well-rested

This could be the year you learn to manage your stress and focus on positive growth and self-care, and Mindfulness may help you get there. Start by getting a Plus Plan for the best price online, just $69.99 (reg. $399). 

Prices subject to change. 


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