In early 2022, the internet devoured photos from the set of Renfield showing Nicolas Cage decked out in a red velvet suit, ready to play Dracula. Now, with the release of the first Renfield trailer, we get to see Cage in all his vampiric glory. And it does not disappoint.

To be clear, Renfield isn’t the story of Dracula. Instead, it’s the story of his servant Renfield (Nicholas Hoult). Renfield, tired of bowing to Dracula’s every whim for centuries, wants out of their relationship. But has he grown too dependent on his shadowy master?

Based on the trailer alone, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride, with shoot-outs, mystical powers, and a group therapy session gone terribly wrong. But the highlight (no surprise) is Cage hovering in the air in an all-black ensemble, declaring, “I am Dracula.” Hell yeah you are!

Renfield hits theaters Apr. 14.


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