SAVE $60: As of Jan. 9, the Kindle Scribe (64GB) is on sale for $359.99 at Amazon, down from its $419.99 retail price. That’s a savings of 14% and the first-ever discount on this device.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to read more books, a Kindle will help you meet your goals. They’re compact, can store a ton of books, and can be used easily on the go. The new game-changing Kindle Scribe also allows you to take notes as you read — and as of Jan. 9, it’s $60 off at Amazon.

This deal also bundles in four months of Kindle Unlimited for free ($9.99 per month auto-renewal after the trial), so if you’re looking to try some audiobooks or novels on your wishlist at no extra cost, now is the best time to invest in this e-reader.

The Kindle Scribe comes with a writing stylus armed with a virtual eraser and a shortcut button for easy note-taking. With templates for lined paper, grid paper, and more, you can create all sorts of documents ranging from free-hand writing to graph creation and more.

Mashable reviewer Alex Perry gave the product a good rating thanks to its pen which doesn’t require charging, as well as the tablet’s ability to seamlessly import and edit PDFs and other documents. With a 10.2-inch glare-free screen and auto-adjusting lights to help you read in the dark, you’ll never have to put a good book down after dark.


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