The You cinematic universe is expanding, and this time Joe’s (Penn Badgley) getting Joe’d. 

Fleeing to Europe to escape the hellhole he ignited in Madre Linda, Joe is now wreaking havoc in London. He’s become a professor in an elite university. He’s still pursuing Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). And he’s still watching people while “hiding” behind a tree. But Joe’s new tangle with voyeurism and super-rich friends quickly turns dark — pause for dramatic effect — and it’s not because of him. 

There’s a new murderer in town called “the eat the rich killer,” who’s taking down Joe’s wealthy circle of friends one by one. And Joe is on their radar. Through a weird form of karmic justice, Joe’s now the stalkee, receiving ominous texts, and constantly being watched by someone hiding in plain sight.

Is this going to be another Love (Victoria Pedretti) situation, where we thought Joe finally met his match before, well, that whole shitshow? Or are we finally witnessing the end of his moody voiceovers? 

Releasing in two parts, You Season 4 Part 1 premieres on Netflix Feb. 9. 


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