Save $180: As of Jan. 10, the Wyze Robot Vacuum with LiDAR is on sale for $149 at Walmart — a price cut of 54%.

Possibly the most impressive cheap robot vacuum on the market is up for grabs for less than half of its original price (which was already killer, for the record). Bring home the Wyze robot vacuum and its home mapping LiDAR sensor for $149 when you snag it now at Walmart — a $180 discount.

Looks-wise, the Wyze robot vacuum has a similar vibe to Roborock’s premium fleet or Eufy’s X8 model. The obvious feature they share — a knob-looking circle in the middle of the vac’s body — isn’t just a peculiar design choice; that tower houses the laser-based room-scanning tech that allows you to send the robot vacuum to specific points in the house.

You can then label the in-app map of your home’s floor plan by room and build customized cleaning schedules (like a sweep of the kitchen every night after dinner). Some other robo vacs require you to put down ugly physical magnetic strips in your home to provide boundaries for the vac to follow; the Wyze ditches those for virtual boundaries you can set in the app. No Roomba under $599.99 can do that.

From there, the Wyze vac divides and conquers each room by calculating the most efficient path for each section. Its powerful 2,100 Pa, or suction power, is a beast on hard floors and enough for daily upkeep on carpeting.

Long story short, this discounted robot vacuum is a real steal.


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