TL;DR: As of Jan. 11, you can grab the Magnetic Windshield Cover for just $14.99 instead of $69 and protect your car from snow and ice this season. That’s a savings of 78%.

Winter is already here, and it’s supposed to be a cold one across the US. If you’re already sick of scraping the ice and snow off your windshield in the morning, we may have something to help. The Magnetic Windshield cover could protect your windshield and mirrors from ice and snow so you can stay cozy in the car while it warms up. For a limited time, this windshield cover is on sale for $14.99 (reg. $69). 

Stop scraping ice off your windshield 

The first snowfall may be a novelty, but it probably doesn’t take long before you’re sick of cleaning off your car. The Magnetic Windshield does some of that work for you. This 55-inch windshield cover holds itself down using strong magnets and your car’s windshield wipers. Tuck the side flaps into the doors for even more stability if you’re expecting wind. That also protects it from jealous onlookers stuck scraping the ice off their windows. 

Don’t forget to cover your mirrors, too. On either side of the cover are two magnetic shields for your side mirrors. Say goodbye to readjusting your mirrors after chipping all the ice off. 

It may be a little easier to enjoy the sight of a snowy morning when you don’t have to pry your windshield wipers out of a block of ice. Just wipe the snow or ice off your cover and fold it up for easy storage. 

This cover can also help prevent UV damage in your car’s interior. It may even help keep your car cool in the summer

Prepare your car for winter 

Protect your car’s windshield from ice and snow this winter. Instead of spending your morning scraping the ice off your windshield, you could relax while your car warms up. Just get the Magnetic Windshield while it’s on sale for $14.99 (reg. $69). 

Prices subject to change.


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