Save $40: The refurbished Sony PlayStation 5 console is at $459.99 at GameStop, down from the $499.99 price of a brand-new console. That’s a discount of 8%.

If you’ve had a PS5 on your wishlist for a while but couldn’t afford to splurge on one (or possibly even find one for sale), GameStop is here to save the day.

As of Jan. 11, the refurbished Sony PlayStation 5 console is down to $459.99 at GameStop. This is $40 below the original price of $499.99 of a brand-new console, and a discount of 8%. GameStop has a refurbishment process in place to ensure that products are in good working condition before they are sold, so you can take one home with confidence.

The built-in ray tracing technology makes the character moments seem more lifelike, while High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality offers you a wide range of vibrant colors to ensure that your games look their best. Built-in support for 120-hertz output on Ultra HD TV displays means you can say goodbye to any gaming lags and say hello to excellent image quality. Plus, loading times are super-fast, so you won’t need to twiddle your thumbs impatiently when you start up a game.

The accompanying DualSense controller has also received some upgrades from its DualShock predecessor, including a built-in microphone and a superior ergonomic design. And thanks to new features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you can feel the effects of a character’s actions in real time — whether it’s the snap of Spiderman’s shooting web, or Nathan Drake knocking down goons in Uncharted.

Go ahead and snag a PS5 while this once-in-a-blue-moon deal lasts. With free shipping and a three-day delivery period, your plans for this weekend are sorted.


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