Save $100.01: Upgrade your gaming PC to the 32-inch Dell D3223D Quad-HD gaming monitor for just $349.98 at Amazon. The 22% discount takes this down to the best price we’ve seen so far on this model.

If you plan to spend most of 2023 tackling your 2022 gaming backlog, you might as well enjoy it in front of a nicer gaming monitor. An upgrade to your display is the easiest way to get more out of some of 2023’s most anticipated video games.

The top option at the moment is the Dell 32-inch G3223D gaming monitor on sale for $349.98. Amazon now offers a $100.01 discount, which marks the best price ever on this Quad-HD widescreen monitor.

This 32-inch Dell gaming monitor is an easy choice if you’re tired of your old 1080p gaming monitor. The QHD display boasts a 2560×1440 resolution that allows for brighter colors and deeper blacks. And with flicker-free technology, it also cuts down on blue light exposure for less eye strain without degrading the game’s colors.

It also provides plenty of performance to match the latest generation of games. The IPS display panel allows for a variable refresh rate of 165Hz on PCs or up to 120Hz for consoles, which means it cuts down on screen tearing for smoother gameplay. And an ultra-fast response time of 1ms adds extra power so you can experience lag-free gaming at any time. If you’re not willing to shell out the big bucks for a decent 4K gaming monitor, this is the next best thing for most gamers.


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