Imagine running into your ex, re-connecting on a deeper level than usual, and then awkwardly finding out in front of friends and family that they’re about to get married. That’s the premise of Somebody I Used to Know, a romantic comedy directed by Dave Franco and co-written by Franco and Alison Brie.

Brie plays Ally, a woman who meets back up with her ex Sean (Jay Ellis) on a trip to her hometown. While Ally sees this as a chance for a new relationship, she soon finds out that Sean is engaged. His fiancé Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons) reminds Ally of her younger self, and the two form a surprising connection. What may at first seem like a classic love triangle may soon evolve into something more, as Ally, Sean, and Cassidy rediscover themselves and what they want from life.

Somebody I Used to Know premieres Feb. 10 on Prime Video.


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