TL;DR: The Ironmax Jump Starter Portable Power Station is on sale for just $199.99 as of Jan. 13. That’s a 33% discount from its usual $299.99.

There’s nothing like digging your car out of the snow only to find it won’t start. Cold weather can drain car batteries, and that can be especially dangerous in this unpredictable storm season. If you’re worried about getting stuck with a car that won’t start, then you may want to keep an Ironmax Jump Starter in your trunk. This portable 22,000mAh power station can refill a battery, pump up a tire, and more. It’s also on sale for 33% off, down to $199.99. 

Get your car ready for winter 

A portable jump starter could be useful all year round, but it’s especially important if you live somewhere that gets harsh winter weather. If your car won’t start in the morning, recharging the battery is as simple as attaching Ironmax’s jumper cables. Fully charged, this portable power station packs 22,000mAH, which the manufacturers note should be enough to start a gasoline car up to 20 times and 10 times for diesel vehicles. If you’ve never jump-started your battery, don’t worry. Ironmax buzzes if you attach the cables incorrectly. 

Chilly batteries aren’t the only thing to plan for. Cold weather can also lower the air pressure in your tires. If your tires are low, use the Ironmax’s 180PSI air compressor to fill back up. You can also use it to fill bike tires during friendlier weather. 

If you need to pull over in a whiteout, you can plug your phone or other electronic devices directly into your power station using the AC and USB on the side. Keep an electric blanket in the car with you and have yourself a cozy impromptu camping trip in the car. If you need to signal other drivers, turn on the built-in LED light. 

Recharge your car battery or fill your tires 

Prepare your car for a stormy winter. For a limited time, get the IronMax Jump Starter Portable Power Station for $199.99 (reg. $299). 

Prices subject to change.


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