TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Moviing Online Yoga and Fitness Classes is on sale for £122.76, saving you 72% on list price.

Even on the extremely low end, a gym membership can end up costing you over £100 a year. It may not seem like much month-to-month, but that bill starts to add up over time. Plus, you have to factor in the time getting to and from the gym, changing clothes, etc.

If you want to keep the social aspect of working out as a group but need to ditch the payments, try moving over to Moviing Online Yoga and Fitness Classes. You can join a program with tons of group workouts, and you don’t have to leave your bedroom. Get a Moviing lifetime subscription for the one-time payment of £122.76 instead of watching your gym payments build up over time. 

Moviing gives you a menu of 1,200+ workouts to do whenever you want. These exercises can be done with or without equipment, and there are loads of options to filter your search. Look for a workout that suits you by filtering for category, level, area of focus, equipment, and duration. You can even filter for the language spoken in class and the instructor leading it. Join live and on-demand classes or watch live courses as a recording afterward. There are new classes and programs added every week, but there’s already plenty to enjoy.

Try before you buy. Join one of the free practice classes with yogis Amina Taha, Sara Ticha, or Rebekah Letch. Exercise at home with classes for yoga, cardio, pilates, barre, strength, meditation, dance cardio, HIIT, and more. Moving might be online, but you don’t have to exercise alone. Chat one-on-one with your favourite instructors or talk to other Moviing users. 

Stretch your body, not your budget. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription to Moviing Online Yoga and Fitness Classes for £122.76. 


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