Google Maps has added virtual ferry rides to its Street View of Sydney, Australia, offering a glimpse of what daily life is like for Australians who boat past the Sydney Opera House on their morning commute. As someone who lives in Sydney, let me tell you: The view never gets old.

Developed alongside Transport for New South Wales and Sydney Ferries’ operator Transdev, Google Street View’s new feature allows users to follow a ferry from Circular Quay station in Sydney. From there, they can either take a short jaunt across the city’s famous harbour to Taronga Zoo, or go on a longer trip further north to Manly.

Street View’s water view also gives users a look on and inside Sydney Ferries to further help you imagine what it’d be like to live and work in Australia. The interiors aren’t terribly glamorous — it is public transport, after all — but it’s still interesting to see.

Credit: Google

One small downside to Google Street View’s boat rides is that they don’t seamlessly connect to land, meaning you have to jump back out to the map if you want to simulate a full day trip. However, you can go back into Street View to wander around Manly or head inside Taronga Zoo, both of which have been mapped for years.

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This isn’t the first Australian experience Google has made available on its maps. In previous years the company has introduced the ability to tour Kakadu National Park, explore walking trails on Christmas Island, peek inside the Sydney Opera House, and dive down to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo coral reef.

Of course, none of these Street Views are as good as being there yourself, but they’re better than nothing — and might help you plan your next holiday.


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