TL;DR: Need new wheels? As of Jan. 18, the Amalfi Electric Bicycle is on sale for $1,799 instead of $2,499 — that’s a savings of 28%.

Gas prices may be high, but there aren’t many convenient alternatives for commuting to work, running errands, or getting groceries. You could try biking, but then there’s sweat to deal with. A more manageable solution might be to get an electric bike. The Amalfi Electric Bicycle is a discreet e-bike that just looks like a regular bicycle, but it has a lot more going for it — and it’s 28% off. 

Save on gas by getting an e-bike 

The average household drops up to $5,000 a year on gasoline. An e-bike may not be able to take the whole family out of town, but replacing some of those short trips with a more affordable daily commuter bike could save you money. 

The Amalfi Electric Bicycle looks like a normal bike, but the brushless high-speed motor and rechargeable lithium battery get you going up to 30 mph. Zip around in style and safety with dual-piston hydraulic brakes and a premium high-quality seat that blends comfort with performance. Maintenance shouldn’t be a problem with a carbon belt that the manufacturers claim lasts up to five times longer than a chain drive, and it doesn’t require lubrication. The Internal gear hub protects your gears safe from the natural dirt and grime of the road. 

When you park your bike, the discrete engine and sleek build make it hard to notice that you’re on anything more than a regular bicycle. 

Check the built-in LED screen display for speed and battery readouts. This e-bike’s battery could recharge in two to six hours when plugged into a wall outlet. While you’re on the road, you can plug your phone directly into the built-in USB to recharge on the go. 

When your order arrives, it should already be 80% assembled. Just put the finishing touches on, and you can go out for a ride. 

Make your daily commute easier with an electric bike

Want a cheaper way to run errands and go to work? Not all e-bikes are clunky, heavy machines. For a limited time, get the Amalfi Electric Bicycle on sale for $1,799 (reg. $2,499). 

Prices subject to change.


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