Following Trevor Noah’s departure, Leslie Jones is guest-hosting The Daily Show this week, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Especially when the comedian and Saturday Night Live favourite goes well off topic and hands it to the youths.

During a segment running through the latest headlines, Jones began with the recent bans of TikTok by a handful of universities and colleges across America, aligning with executive orders banning the app on government devices. According to NBC News, the states banning the app in universities have cited cybersecurity concerns over spying by China — TikTok is owned by Chinese company Bytedance, which has ties to the state government.

“I got bad news. Because if you’re on TikTok, you’ve got to drop out of college,” said Jones. “Universities across the country are banning TikTok from school WiFi because they’re worried that China might be spying on them.

“And you know what? Good. Get these kids off TikTok! I’m tired of seeing little Ashley’s amazing hack for how to flip a grilled cheese in a pan. You don’t think I know how to flip a pan, bitch? Or make grilled cheese? I’ve been flipping pans and making grilled cheese since before you were born! So don’t talk to me like I’m stupid, you’re stupid.

“Fuck you and your youth!”


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