Tired of bullshit? So is Charlie Cale, the protagonist of Rian Johnson’s upcoming murder mystery series, Poker Face.

Played to perfection by Natasha Lyonne, Charlie possesses the unique ability to always know when someone is lying. When she hears bullshit, she calls bullshit — literally. Not all of us are so gifted, but Charlie is here to help. All you have to do is call the handy-dandy Poker Face hotline at 1-866-NOBLSHT (1-866-662-5748) to hear Charlie debunk the world’s most common lies.

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Topics include swindlers, backstabbers, and “when you’re working a dead-end job at Sterling Casino and your boss is clearly up to something shady.” That last one’s awfully specific. Could it have anything to do with Poker Face? You’ll have to call to find out.

The first four episodes of Poker Face hit Peacock Jan. 26, with new episodes streaming weekly every Thursday.


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