Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive

87 km long street from Cox Bazar to Teknaf is an absolute visit while planning a tour for Cox’s Bazar through the initial 2/3km admittance to the marine drive from Kolatoli is a fantastic street to marine drive.
Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive is an 80-kilometer-long road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf along the Bay of Bengal and it is the world’s longest marine drive. Prime Minister Sheik Hasina introduced this Marine route on May 6, 2017.

The public authority has started an arrangement to build 100 kilometer-long marine drive, interfacing the two waterfront areas of Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar, in a bid to charm unfamiliar venture and sightseers. It was built by the sixteenth Engineer Construction Battalion of Bangladesh Army, under the management of the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department.

The minister led the meeting named “Approaches to expand the traversability of Karnaphuli, carry out an end-all strategy to stop infringement and contamination, alleviate waterlogging of the port city and advancement of Chattogram City Corporation”. Referring to the possibilities of the marine drive, he said a large number of inns, lodgings will be created along the street which will make the work of millions of young people, opening another skyline for the travel industry.

A study has been begun for the development of 170 km Marine Drive Street from Mirsarai in Chattogram to Cox’s Bazar. Nonetheless, the 80-kilometer Marine Drive Street from Cox’s Bazar to Shahpari Island in Teknaf has effectively been built. On the off chance that this street is ready, it’ll be the longest marine drive street in the world but, the separation from Chattogram to Cox’s Bazar is going to be diminished to around 50 kilometers. Presently it requires 3.30-4 hours to make a trip from Cox’s Bazar to Chattogram by street.

longest marine drive in the world

Furthermore, if the Marine Drive Street is developed, it’ll be feasible to go out from Cox’s Bazar to Chattogram by street in just 2-2.30 hours. As of now, the separation from Cox’s Bazar to Chattogram is 160 km by street. The separation from Chattogram to Mirsarai is around 60 kilometers. Thus, the separation from Chattogram to Cox’s Bazar is diminishing by 50 km.

Wonderful Cox’s Bazaar

Cox’s Bazar is apparently the greatest vacation spot in Bangladesh. The wonderful Cox’s Bazaar is an excellent shoreline town on the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. This is the proudest occasion objective for Bangladeshis and occasion heaven for the rich individuals in Bangladesh. In the hearts of each Bangladeshi, “an outing to Cox’s Bazaar” is the most lovely travel dream. In any case, marine drive street in Teknaf, the longest of its kind.

This drive is by a wide margin the best lengthy drive course in Bangladesh with the ocean on one side and the slopes on the opposite side. The street is very secure with Army and police designated spots each couple of miles. Strolling here, the most essential thing is those energetic local people, giving individuals a wellspring of endless bliss. The drive will give you a magnificent perspective on the ocean as you head towards Teknaf. There several eateries in transit. This drive stretches out fundamentally from Inani seashore to Teknaf.

With hills on one side and the thundering ocean on the other, the drive will take you to a different universe. There isn’t anything more moving than watching ideal and stupendous nightfall on the ocean. The waterfront town of Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh consistently has beautiful nightfall, which is very moving. It is an upbeat and valuable thing to stroll into this enchanting shoreline town, walk around the seashore, and watch the red sparkle of the entire land.

Marine Drive in Bangladesh

Marine Drive

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