Top 6 Trends That You Must Know For Custom Eyelash Boxes

 Wearing eyelashes to thicker or volume your lashes is common, and everyone who loves bold lashes buys them on retail market shelves or online. Such eyelashes look glamorous and provide confidence to your customers. Due to this, the demand for your eyelashes is rising day by day, and the brand launches new styles and shades of lashes. And, they need spellbinding and durable eyelash boxes to pack your items and present them in the industry. So let’s see what benefits you can get from customized packaging solutions. 

Pros Of Customized Eyelash Packaging 

Mostly two types of packaging in the industry; one is premade, and the other is customized packaging suppliers. Premade boxes are not compatible to make your brand stand out in the pool of competitors. On the other hand, customized solutions help you to pick a durable stock, print information, design colors and add-ons to increase the security of your product. Let’s see what the six major trends of custom eyelash boxes that make your product more demanding and distinctive are?

Use Sleeve Boxes for Eyelash Packaging 

The first step is to use sleeve boxes for your eyelash packaging boxes. However, you have a variety of shapes and styles that are popular in the cosmetic industry nowadays. But custom-made eyelash boxes in drawer shape are the best way to present your lashes in the industry. Such boxes are also called sliding and drawer boxes that securely hold your product. Furthermore, these boxes contain two parts, one is internal, and the other is external. The external part is a sleeve that needs to cover your product, and the other is an internal part called a drawer that you pull like sliding to place your products in the box. Such boxes are easy to unbox and best to facilitate your target audiences. 

Application of Foil- Stamping To increase Lash Beauty 

The trend of foil-stamping is also common in the industry, and brands use them in versatile shades to heft up your lash beauty. Moreover, you can print any information on the box and make them personalized. You can use foil stamping to highlight your brand name, logo, eyelash style, and colors on your personalized lash boxes. Here are the shades of foil stamping that you can use to make sublime eyelash boxes. 

  • Burgundy 
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose gold 
  • Turquoise 
  • Teal 
  • Gunmetal 
  • Bronze 

Create Attractive Artwork For Eyelash Packaging 

Another trend is to use the artistic design of your eyelash packaging boxes. Make them beautiful and adorable with the help of any kind of design that you think you can use to make eyelash boxes with logos recognizable. In this regard, you can play with enlisting design patterns to create loveliness artwork for eyelash packaging. 

  • Intricate lines 
  • Floral design 
  • Abstract design 
  • Blurring effect 
  • Geometrical shapes 
  • Other fascinating lash graphics 

Flip-top Magnetic Box that Best For Lash Storage Box 

If you want to create an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind, you need to facilitate your customers. Therefore, brands pay lots of attention to making the perfect eyelash box template. On this subject, the use of flip-top magnetic lid boxes is just fabulous. These boxes are best to protect your products and increase the value of your lashes and make them worth it. However, such boxes provide the best services as lash storage boxes for your customers. So, mostly good–quality lashes are wearable six to seven times, and these boxes are best to store them in a strong shelter for use multiple times. 

Play With Colors To Make Enthralling Packaging 

As we all know, the research shows that 80% of customers captivate due to the magic of colors. Therefore, brands focus on colors selection, so the best color choice is to use bold and catchy sparkling colors for eyelash packaging. So, check your custom eyelash box template carefully before ordering in bulk to satisfy your desired colors. Moreover, you can use warm earthy tones, light pastels, muted shades, and citrus hues shades for your eyelash boxes. 


Use of Trays and Eva foam for Lash Packaging 

The use of trays made from plastic, cardboard, or any other material is the need of eyelash packaging boxes. Because eyelash sale is in the form of one pair, and if brands keep both right or left lash wings kept inside the box  to pack them, they mingle with each other and are damaged badly. For the sake of keeping them separate, the brand uses Eva foam and plastic trays to pack their lashes carefully for your target audiences. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

The gist of the above write-up is to explain the best trend of eyelash packaging boxes that you need to use for the packaging of your product. Thus, your eyelash boxes must be attractive, stylish, and designed with catchy colors. Also, you can use foil stamping, embossing, debossing, coatings and many other options that expand the demand for your products in the industry. Moreover, you can use EVA foam and PVC plastic trays to separately place your lashes and protect them from demand. Now it is all up to what demands you more like to make perfect-looking eyelash boxes.