TL;DR: Through Dec. 30, you can score six bottles of wine from Firstleaf for only $34.95 with a digital voucher — that’s 61% off the usual price.

Shopping for wine is practically a research project. Between reading labels and looking for new blends from brands you recognize, more often than not, it might be easier to go with a bottle you’ve already had. If you want to streamline the wine shopping experience and try something new and tasty, check out Firstleaf.

This award-winning wine company tailors its wine choices to your selected preferences. You can get a digital voucher for your first six bottles of wine for only $34.95 if you order by 11:59 p.m. PT on December 30. 

A smart wine service that learns what you like 

Pour yourself a glass of wine that has been chosen specifically for you. Firstleaf works by having you take a brief wine palate quiz and then providing recommendations based on your answers. For example, it asks whether you prefer red or white, the flavor profiles you enjoy, what you think of different types of wine, and other easy-to-answer questions. Once you’re finished, you’ll see a list of wine recommendations based on your answers.

Every time you receive a wine shipment, complete a quick questionnaire after trying a bottle. Firstleaf uses your answers to refine its recommendations. So no longer will you be at a loss for which bottle to pick at the liquor store. You don’t even have to leave your home. 

Firstleaf even has a customer-first return policy that gives you store credit if you contact them within the first 30 days of your delivery. So whether you’re looking for a wine to enjoy with dinner or bring to your next patio party, Firstleaf may have the risk-free bottle for you. 

Risk-free wine delivery 

Firstleaf will learn about your wine tastes and send you bottles that match your flavor profile. Try a wine subscription that takes some of the work out of shopping. You have until 11:59 p.m. PT on December 30 to get your first six bottles of wine from Firstleaf for just $34.95 (reg. $89). 

Prices subject to change.


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