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List of Canadian University Offer Hospitality or Tourism Program

Canada offers a variety of institutions and universities that provide programs related to hospitality and tourism. These programs can range from undergraduate degrees to diplomas and certificates. Here’s a list of Canadian universities and institutions that offer programs in hospitality and tourism: These are just a few examples, and there are many more institutions across […]

Professor Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal

Professor Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal is a distinguished academician and scientist. He currently holds the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at Dhaka University, a role he has been serving in since June 2020. Dr. Kamal is a professor in the Department of Disaster Science and Climate Resilience at Dhaka University. Previously, he was a […]

National University (NU) Professional Course (Master’s) Admission Circular 2023-2024

The admission circular for professional courses in the academic year 2023-2024 at the National University (NU) is yet to be unveiled. Nevertheless, drawing from past admission timelines, it is anticipated that the admission circular will be published in November 2023. Typically, the application process for professional courses at NU is conducted online. To qualify for […]

Executive MBA

An Executive MBA (EMBA) is a specialized MBA program designed for experienced professionals and executives who want to further their education and enhance their leadership skills while continuing to work. It is distinct from a traditional full-time MBA program in several ways: Overall, an Executive MBA is a specialized program that is tailored to meet […]

How to Increase English Vocabulary

Increasing your English vocabulary is a valuable skill that can benefit your communication, reading, writing, and overall language proficiency. Here are some effective strategies to help you expand your English vocabulary: Read Regularly: Use a Dictionary: Contextual Learning: Word of the Day: Read Aloud: Keep a Vocabulary Journal: Learn Word Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes: Language […]

IELTS Preparation Tips

Preparing for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam requires a combination of language skills, test-taking strategies, and practice. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively: Remember that IELTS preparation takes time and effort, so start early and stay focused on your goals. Good luck with your IELTS preparation and the test!

Secondary School Admission

The application process for admission to secondary schools, both government and non-government, nationwide, is expected to kick off online starting on October 24th. Interested candidates can submit their applications until November 14th, and the results, determined through a digital lottery system, are likely to be announced between November 21st and November 30th. A proposal has […]

National University LLB Final Exam Routine

The National University LLB Final Exam Routine 2021 (will be held on 2023) published. According to the routine, the exam will start from November 3, 2023. All exam will held on friday and finishes on 22th December 2023. Candidates are advised to check the exam routine carefully and make sure they know when and where […]

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