Secondary School Admission

The application process for admission to secondary schools, both government and non-government, nationwide, is expected to kick off online starting on October 24th. Interested candidates can submit their applications until November 14th, and the results, determined through a digital lottery system, are likely to be announced between November 21st and November 30th.

A proposal has been put forth for the selection of students via digital lottery for the academic year 2024. The Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education (MoSHE) has forwarded this proposal for approval to the Ministry of Education. Once sanctioned, admission notifications will be issued after obtaining the necessary clearances.

Traditionally, the admission process commences in November each year, with classes starting in January. However, due to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to advance the admission process by a month. Beginning in 2021, admissions to all grade levels will be determined through the lottery system, replacing the prior method, which was exclusive to first-grade admissions.

As per MoSHE’s announcement, this year’s application process for government schools in Dhaka city will be categorized into 44 distinct groups. During the application process, each student can select up to five schools from a single group, with a lottery determining the school assignment within the chosen group.

In the case of institutions operating double shifts, if a student selects both shifts in the same order of preference, their choice will not be considered. In the context of non-government secondary schools in Dhaka city, the administrative jurisdiction of the institution may encompass a minimum of one and a maximum of three administrative thanas (sub-districts) within the cantonment area.

It’s noteworthy that the application fee for this year’s admissions has been set at 110 Bangladeshi Taka. This fee can be paid through the national mobile service provider, Teletalk.

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