Revamp your sleep schedule and fitness routine with these Amazon Halo wellness trackers.

OVERALL BEST DEAL: The Amazon Halo View fitness tracker helps you to take complete charge of your health — $49.99 $79.99 (save $30)

BEST SLEEP TRACKER DEAL: The Amazon Halo Rise sleep tracker analyzes your sleep and simulates sunrise and sunset to regulate your sleeping patterns — $109.99 $139.99 (save $30)

BEST BUDGET TRACKER DEAL: If you’re looking for a wellness device sans distractions, then the Amazon Halo Band fitness tracker is for you — $39.99 $69.99 (save $30)

Overall Best Deal

Why we like it

The Amazon Halo View tracker showcases a variety of fitness metrics on its color touch display. The watch arrives with a cool 50 meters of water resistance, and also offers tracking that is harder to find on fitness devices, such as oxygen saturation levels and skin temperature. PCMag (owned by Ziff Davis, Mashable’s parent company) reviewer Angela Moscaritolo gave the device an excellent rating thanks to its week-long battery life, tracking for varied kinds of workouts, and a color display that doesn’t force you to open the companion app to always check your data (unlike the Halo band). Accessing additional features such as voice tone analysis and more workouts requires a Halo membership, however, this deal bundles 12 months of full membership for free (with an auto-renewal of $3.99/month + taxes thereafter). At only $49.99 including a free year-long membership, you can meet all your fitness goals for 2023 for the price of a nice lunch.

Best Sleep Tracker Deal

Why we like it

A regular ol’ alarm clock makes you want to hurl it across the room early in the morning. But what if it could track your sleep and help you wake up peacefully with a smile on your face? The Amazon Halo Rise is #1 in the new releases category for alarm clocks at Amazon, and at $109.99, it’s on sale for the product’s lowest-ever price. This device offers contactless sleep tracking, unlike a band that might distract you at night with a flashing LED display. The privacy-first Rise comes without any microphone or camera recording, and it has a sunrise and sunset simulation mode that mimics the natural rise and fall of the sun and helps you wake up or wind down. If you’re looking to feel rested throughout your day instead of downing several coffees, this device could help you get there.

Best Budget Tracker Deal

Why we like it

If you’re looking for a unique device that offers multiple tracking features without a display flashing in your face, then the Amazon Halo Band fitness tracker is a good fit. This screenless band keeps track of metrics such as steps taken, heart rate, and sleep quality. Additionally, it offers a range of other harder-to-find features such as body fat percentage analysis, hundreds of recipes for healthier eating, and an Alexa-enabled summary of your fitness scores across categories. The slight downer is that accessing the entire range of workouts and expert sessions requires a Halo membership. However, Amazon has sweetened the deal by offering six months of this membership free of cost (afterward, the membership auto-renews for $3.99/month + taxes). At a cool 43% off, this product could be an ideal way to jumpstart a healthier 2023.


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