30 Hobbies that Could Earn You Money

Being a hobbyist is fun and rewarding, but you can also turn your hobbies into ways to make money. Do you knit or crochet? Maybe you’ve thought about selling your handmade items online.

Do you like dancing? Think about teaching ballet at the studio around the corner from your house. Interested in scrapbooking? Why not offer to do it for friends and family? Is there a program you’d like to learn? Maybe it would be interesting to teach other people your skills.

With the economy down, many people are looking at taking up a hobby they can make money off of. This makes for an interesting challenge, but also provides fresh creative opportunities.

Hobbies that could earn you money require motivation, dedication, and creativity. If you’re ready to take the first step towards making money off your long list of favorite pastimes, read on for 25 ideas.

From saving time with meal preparation to making money teaching something you know how to do, earning cash with your hobbies can be easy, fun, and rewarding!

1. Sewing/knitting/crocheting

2. Baking and selling treats

3. Selling old books on Amazon or eBay

4. Painting/drawing/photography

5. Scrapbooking and selling your finished albums online

6. Teaching dance lessons at local studios

7. House cleaning, mowing lawns, doing construction, etc., etc., etc., (you get the idea…)

8. Hosting a blog that gets paid for advertising and affiliate sales

9. Making soap or candles and selling your items online

10. Blogging about your hobby and sharing how-tos and tips with other people who share the same interest (maybe you even sell an e-book!)

11. Learning Forex Trading can help you earn money as long as you’re using the right trading platform like Meta Trader 5 and applying smart forex strategies.

12. Making apps for smartphones

13. Offering to do odd jobs for people online

14 . Making money with your blog by sending traffic to affiliate offers

15. Taking great photographs, putting them on Shutterstock and selling them

16. Sell services on Fiverr or Elance

17. Selling hand-drawn illustrations online

18. Handmade cards

19 . Teaching guitar lessons at the local music store 20.

20. House sitting for busy people who need someone to look after their home while they are away

21 . Making coupons and selling them to others

22 . Making up new recipes, maybe even for your local grocery store or restaurant 23 . Making cakes or cupcakes for special occasions

24. Selling jewelry you make yourself

25. Selling homemade greeting cards on Etsy or other online marketplaces

26. Sewing and selling custom clothing

27. Making handmade gifts (like soap, candles, scrapbooks, etc.) for friends and family on their special days

28 . Becoming a voice actor for cartoons or commercials

29. Teach dance classes at local studios

30. Write guest posts about your hobby on other people’s blogs

Making money from a hobby is rewarding, challenging, and fun! Now, I know what you’re thinking. There are so many better things I can do with my time than all of this nonsense. But trust me, if you really love doing something, turning it into a job is extremely rewarding and worth the effort. Your hobby can help you pay your bills and even turn into a career. So get out there and start searching for new ways to make money!